Can braces fix teeth that are overcrowded?

Updated November 20, 2023
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I’m sure nearly all our readers have heard of braces, if not known someone who has used them before. Braces are known for being an effective way that patients can fix even their most extreme teeth situation, and, as I’m sure you’ve seen, they can even be stylish at times. However, although braces are effective, they aren’t a magic wand and they do have limitations.

A common question of patients looking for dental treatments is if braces can fix teeth that are overcrowded.

Teeth crowding: what is it?

To put it simply teeth crowding is, basically, when your teeth run out of room and, therefore, become overcrowded due to the lack of space. This causes them to push together, but not be aligned. As you can imagine, this can cause a series of issues; it can cause some of the teeth to sit higher than others, and ultimately teeth being pushed behind or ahead of others.

Can Teeth Crowding Be Fixed?

Yes, teeth crowding can be fixed. There are actually multiple ways to fix teeth crowding. Your orthodontist will offer you a few different options to fix the issue. It’s important that, before making a decision, you are fully educated on the options available.

There are two types of braces - braces that can be removed and braces that cannot. The first one allows you to remove them. However the second, fixed braces, your orthodontist will install and remove.

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The Types of Braces To Fix Teeth Crowding

Metal braces are, typically, the most commonly used type of braces used to fix teeth crowding. The reasoning for this is that the process of fixing teeth crowding involves a lot of strength, and mental braces have quite a bit of strength.

Metal braces secure brackets and wires by elastic and then attach them to the teeth. The wires are installed between brackets, and this is the strength that does a lot of the teeth correcting and pushing the teeth back into position.

If, however, the idea of traditional braces doesn’t appeal to you then you’re in luck because there are other options. The second option is clear aligners. Invisalign are clear braces that are removable. Invisalign is worn in a series, the patient wearing each set for two weeks. Then the set is traded out, moving the teeth a little further into position.

There are also other options for braces to fix teeth crowding.

Why should I have teeth crowding fixed?

There are many reasons why you want to have teeth crowding corrected.

If you wait until adulthood, instead of fixing teeth crowding as a child, it can cause a costly and timely treatment. Waiting to correct it can cause the jaw to become misaligned, which can cause headaches and for chewing to become more difficult. Overcrowded teeth, if left for a long length of time, can also cause gum disease.

As you can see, correcting teeth crowding as soon as you are aware of the issue can save you both time and cost in the long run.

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