Braces For Children

Dr. Harrison is passionate about working with his youngest patients, and helping them gain the confidence that comes from a healthy, straight smile. From day one, Dr. Harrison will work closely with you and your kids, developing an orthodontic plan that achieves your goals while ensuring a comfortable, quick and pain-free experience from start to finish.

Does YOUR Child Need Braces?

Getting your child started with braces comes with a host of positive benefits beyond just a beautiful smile. Braces can:

Influence jaw growth in a positive manner

A healthy, well-aligned jaw promotes better oral health while reducing the risk for TMJ, dysfunction and sore, painful facial and neck muscles. Braces help properly position teeth, for a straight smile that feels as good as it looks.

Correct skeletal jaw width discrepancies or crossbites

Crossbites happen when upper teeth don’t “fit” with lower teeth. This misalignment can be purely dental or it can be skeletal and caused by differences in your child’s jaw size and/or position. Braces can adjust the upper and lower jaw for a straight, comfortable smile.

Reduce risk of trauma to protruded upper incisors

When front teeth aren’t aligned, the risk for damage, injury and trauma increases. Adjusting these teeth helps keep them protected, while producing very visible results in your child’s smile and confidence.

Correct harmful oral habits such as thumb sucking or tongue thrusting

While thumb sucking and tongue thrusting often lead to anterior open bites — most patients find these habits permanently curbed once braces are applied. An active tongue thrust or thumb sucking habit can negatively impact the treatment outcome, so it’s important that the habits are addressed early, before and during the orthodontic treatment.

Reduce likelihood of impacted permanent teeth

Braces reposition teeth and, with it, help make room for any impacted teeth—teeth stuck below or behind another tooth. With proper treatment, braces can often eliminate the need for future oral surgery related to impacted teeth (with the exception of wisdom teeth).

Improve some speech problems

Teeth positions play a critical role in speech and pronunciation. Leveraged properly, braces can realign teeth and correct lisps and whistles, while making certain words and sounds easier to pronounce.

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