Braces For Teens

Dr. Harrison is passionate that his teenage patients get the smile they want and need to build their confidence—confidence that will help them excel in high school, college and beyond. It’s a passion that powers his innovative approach to braces and orthodontic treatment, and has quickly made SOS one of the most sought-after practices by parents and teens.

Is it Time for YOUR Teen to Get Braces?

The teen years are a critical time for orthodontic treatment, with 12 to 17 year olds representing about half of all cases. So why consider now and why consider braces for your tween or teen?

Permanent teeth are permanent

Once permanent teeth erupt, they tend to stay put—and, sometimes, that “stay put” isn’t quite straight or well-aligned. If that’s the case, braces could be the right next step. Unlike “baby teeth,” permanent teeth are here for good, and there’s no waiting to see what next. In many cases, teeth only get worse.

Health and oral health go hand-in-hand

There’s no question braces help teens improve their overall oral health. But, often, that improvement trickles down to their whole-body health. The ADA has found that oral infections can lead to everything from heart disease and strokes to pneumonia and diabetes.

The right growth at the right time

During the teen years, kids are likely still growing—and braces can leverage that growth to get a quicker and more complete alignment. For most, these years are the optimal time—Dr. Harrison can help your family determine the right window to start treatment.

Better metabolism, better treatment

The teen years also offer another unique benefit. Your child’s metabolism is most likely higher at this age than it ever has been or ever will be. This can help curb discomfort and lessen treatment time, leading to an overall better orthodontic experience.

Confidence that lasts

It’s simple: braces improve a teen’s smile, and that’s incredibly important during these critical years. With a smile to be proud of, your teen will be ready for what comes next—prom, graduation, college and even that first job interview.

To learn more and schedule an appointment for your tween or teen, contact SOS at 901-853-9934 in Collierville or 662-349-0777 in Southaven.

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