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Think straightening your teeth is time consuming or budget-busting? Think again. Dr. Harrison and his expert team at Southern Orthodontic Specialists are ready to transform your smile or your child’s smile in less time with less out-of-pocket. Our innovative approach makes it easy to correct gaps, overcrowding and bad bites, and improve smiles for good.

Damon® System | Damon® Clear Option | Invisalign® | Propel® Technology

Customers come first at SOS. With every patient, we strive to provide flexible appointment times and treatment options so that you stay in control of your orthodontic procedures from day one. Schedule a free consultation and discover why we’ve been Olive Branch’s go-to orthodontist for more than 20 years.

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Our cutting-edge technology ensures the best, most efficient teeth straightening for every patient, every time. Whether you’ve been struggling with your smile for years or want to schedule an appointment for your tween or teen, we can help. Everyone deserves a healthy, confident smile!


We work with you to learn about your needs, lifestyle and smile goals, ensuring our team can develop a treatment plan that makes sense. Whether your needs are best served by standard braces, the Damon System®, Invisalign® or a combination of several innovative methods, our team will put together an approach that straightens your teeth in less time, with less discomfort, and normally no teeth extractions, palatal expanders or headgear.

Temporary Anchorage Devices (TAD) | Herbsty-style appliances | Palatal expanders | Orthognathic surgery | Retention

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Most major insurance accepted.

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FAQs About Orthodontists & Orthodontics in Olive Branch

Considering braces or orthodontia for you or your child? While no two mouths are the same, understanding the basics—and working through some frequently asked questions and misconceptions—will help you make the best choices now and in the future.