Pediatric Orthodontics

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Creating Brighter Smiles for Brighter Futures

At Southern Orthodontic Specialists, we believe every child deserves a smile they can wear proudly. With locations in Collierville and Southaven, our practice is dedicated to providing the highest quality pediatric orthodontic care in a warm, welcoming, and kid-friendly environment. Under the expert guidance of Dr. Hunter Harrison, our team specializes in transforming smiles with a gentle touch and the latest in orthodontic technology.
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Our Pediatric Orthodontic Services

At Southern Orthodontic Specialists, we're passionate about providing exceptional pediatric orthodontic care that ensures your child's smile is as bright as their future. Our comprehensive range of services is designed with your child's comfort and the best possible outcomes in mind. Here's how we can help:

Early Orthodontic Evaluation

Early assessment provides a clear picture of your child's oral development, allowing us to anticipate and address potential issues before they become complicated. This proactive approach is crucial in guiding the growth of the jaw and incoming teeth, ensuring a healthier smile as they grow.

Traditional Braces

A time-tested method for straightening teeth and correcting bites. Our braces come with customizable colorful bands that make wearing braces fun and exciting for kids.

Clear Aligners for Teens

Ideal for teens who are self-conscious about their smile, our clear aligners are virtually invisible and custom-made to fit snugly over your child's teeth, gently and gradually moving them into alignment.

Preventive Care

We focus on preventing future orthodontic issues through early intervention, addressing habits like thumb-sucking and guiding the proper development of the jaw and teeth.

Why Choose Southern Orthodontic Specialists?

Choosing the right orthodontic specialist for your child is a big decision. Here's why Southern Orthodontic Specialists stands out:

Child-Friendly Environment

Our offices are designed to make children feel comfortable and excited about their visits. From the décor to our approach, we ensure a positive, stress-free experience.

Customized Treatment Plans

Understanding that every child is unique, Dr. Hunter Harrison and our team craft personalized treatment plans that address individual needs and goals, ensuring the best outcomes.

Advanced Technology

Leveraging the latest in orthodontic technology, we offer treatments that are more efficient, comfortable, and effective, minimizing discomfort and the duration of treatment.

Two Convenient Locations

Our practices in Collierville and Southaven make accessing top-tier orthodontic care easy and convenient, ensuring your child's journey to a perfect smile is smooth and hassle-free.

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