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How To Choose The Best Orthodontist For You

How To Choose The Best Orthodontist For You Dr. Hunter Harrison

Everyone wants to have as close to a perfect smile as possible, yet for most people, that doesn’t come naturally.

Let’s face it; we’re all human with our imperfections and quirks. In order to create a natural-looking, perfect smile, it’s going to take some work.

The good news is, it is fairly simple to get that work done.

Orthodontic treatment can give you the smile that you’ve always wanted, as well as provides your teeth with protection from chips and cracks. Receiving orthodontic treatment is the answer to a number of aesthetic and practical concerns with your teeth.

When you decide to move forward with the health, strength, and look of your teeth and get orthodontic treatment, you will want to make sure and find the best orthodontist for your needs. Let’s take a look at why you need an orthodontist and how to make sure you find the best one.

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Do I really need an orthodontist?

While many general dentists offer services such as Invisalign and braces, there are a number of reasons why it is best to use an actual orthodontist instead. Having your treatment done by an orthodontist may be more expensive, yet the price comes with great benefit that you would not receive from a general dentist.

When you’re having essential work done on your teeth, you will want to know that it is going to be done right, by someone with great knowledge and experience. Orthodontists receive the same four years of dental education as your general dentist, however they then go further and complete another two years of intense, focused, orthodontic training.

The two extra years of training provides them with knowledge that is imperative for proper orthodontic treatment. The education of orthodontists goes above and beyond that of general dentists, including:

  • Anatomy and function of the neck
  • Anatomy and function of the head
  • Various tools and methods for teeth alignment
  • Proper care of jawbones, joints, muscles, head, and neck

When it comes to the care of your teeth, none of these areas can be overlooked. It’s important to take the care of your whole self into consideration when receiving orthodontic treatment. This is why it is essential that you allow a highly trained and experienced orthodontist to take care of your teeth’s orthodontic needs.

How do I find the right orthodontist?

You are ready to get orthodontic treatment on your teeth and you know you need to find an orthodontist to perform the work for you. The question is, how do you choose between the many orthodontists in your area?

When looking for an orthodontist, you should keep some considerations in mind that will help you narrow down your choices until you find the right one:

Look for someone located nearby

It’s best to find an orthodontist who is fairly close to you. You will have a number of appointments before and after your treatment, and it’s essential that you are able to get to them.

Not only is it more difficult to travel to out-of-town appointments, it will also become increasingly tiring. Save yourself time and stress by finding a qualified orthodontist in your area.

Make sure they are reputable

After narrowing your search down to orthodontists that are nearby, you will want to check to ensure they are reputable, with a large number of happy clientele.

The best ways to determine the reputation of orthodontists is to ask the people you know for referrals. Word-of-mouth referrals are one of the easiest and most trustworthy ways to find a great orthodontist.

Another way to find the best orthodontist is to check out online reviews through sites like Yelp, Google, and more. These sites allow patients to rate orthodontists and provide information about their personal experience, giving you a great look into the orthodontists that you are considering.

Consider their cost

It’s important to look into the costs of the various orthodontists that you’re considering. Make sure you know your budget ahead of time, so that you know what you will be able to pay for your treatment.

Once you’ve discovered local, reputable orthodontists, you can further narrow down your options by determining which ones fit in your price range.

Ensure proper education and training

Make sure that your orthodontist has received the proper education and training. Ask questions. Read their bio. Keep an eye out for credentials hanging on the wall. You want to ensure that only the best and most qualified people are working on your teeth, so don’t hesitate to do a little research.

Receive your orthodontic treatment

Making sure that your teeth are strong, healthy, and properly aligned is important. You can receive the orthodontic treatment you need by a qualified and experienced orthodontist. Take the time to narrow down your options in order to find the best orthodontist for your needs.

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