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4 Benefits to Pro Teeth Whitening

Pro Teeth Whitening
While there are seemingly endless over-the-counter teeth whitening options on the market, they don’t pack the same punch as professional treatments. Pro teeth whitening ensures patients get the targeted solutions they need to improve their smile, versus one-size-fits all drug store go-tos. In the end, these in office treatments tend to work better, whiten teeth faster and provide long-lasting results, all without damaging enamel and without the pain and discomfort many DIYers report. Some other perks to going pro?

Benefits to Pro Teeth Whitening

It's More Thorough

No two sets of teeth are the same -- and, likewise, the driver behind teeth whitening never is, either. Whether it’s age or habits like smoking, coffee consumption or other stain-inducing behaviors, every patient has unique treatment needs. By going with a pro, you’ll get the exact teeth whitening treatment needed to get dazzling results -- results that are even and can dig deep and work through the toughest stains
Dr. Harrison and the SOS team has been extremely professional yet warm and welcoming on every visit. My daughter’s orthodontic treatments are coming along wonderfully & I’m grateful for the entire process.
Quartella B.
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Benefits to Pro Teeth Whitening

It's Quick

Even the fastest OTC whiteners tend to take days if not weeks to work -- not so with a professional treatment. Most expert teeth whitening happens in one result and, often, in about an hour. And the best part? Professional teeth whitening can last years, meaning no time or money wasted on additional follow ups or touch ups.

Benefits to Pro Teeth Whitening

It's More Comfortable

Many users complain about pain or discomfort that comes from OTC teeth whiteners -- and it’s no surprise. These home remedies can damage gum tissue, leading to immediate pain while making teeth sensitive to heat or cold. Pro treatments are efficient and safe, with the option to adjust the whitening agent, as needed. Additionally, providers ensure gums and other parts of your mouth are protected from treatments, with post-session care tips offered to combat future sensitivity.

It leaves you looking - and feeling - GREAT

Having a bright, white smile instantly boosts your confidence -- and that’s just the beginning. Your smile is the first thing people see when they meet or engage you, and that’s powerful. A recent study found people who had whitened their teeth were 58% more likely to be hired, and to more than half received larger salary offers. The benefits extend beyond work, though. People also expressed a greater desire to continue dating people who had teeth whitening.

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