4 Reasons to Get Invisalign (and one reason NOT TO…)

In the two decades since Invisalign first burst onto the scene, this now go-to orthodontic product has redefined teeth-straightening for teens and adults. Gone are the days of committing to years of full-on “metal mouth,” replaced by a simple, turnkey solution that’s virtually undetectable—and offers a level of convenience and wearability traditional braces, simply, can’t.

So why has Invisalign grown to these epic proportions—and why are more and more patients opting for this solution over more established procedures? It’s simple.

#1. Invisalign works

No matter the patient’s age or aesthetic goals, this benefit is usually central to the Invisalign decision. Very simply, Invisalign works. Aligners can easily fix tooth positioning, delivering a better, healthier bite—and, with it, less pain, less grinding, fewer oral health issues and an overall better smile.

#2. Teeth get—and stay—healthy

When your teeth are properly aligned, you’re less likely to wind up with food impaction because it’s easier to brush and floss properly. When teeth don’t fit in your mouth as they should, food is more likely to get stuck until it’s flossed away. Until that time, bacteria can start growing, leading to gum recession, pain and other oral health issues.

#3. You’ll be healthier from head to toe

Not only are straight teeth important for oral health but, because they facilitate chewing and food breakdown, your teeth are also central to food digestion. If your food isn’t chewed properly, it’s harder for your body to absorb all of the nutrients—and that’s a problem that goes way beyond your teeth and gums.

#4. It just looks better…

While traditional braces straighten teeth effectively, in the interim most patients aren’t thrilled with very big, very visible hardware in their mouths—especially adults. Consider it the cherry-on-top of the Invisalign perks—your mouth gets straighter and healthier, and your “straighteners” are nearly invisible. For eating or a quick pic, just pop out your Invisalign trays and you’re free to go “teeth only.”

And ONE reason NOT to…

The only reason we can think of NOT to get Invisalign? In some cases, the flexibility is too much for a patient—they just can’t keep their aligners in their mouth. If that rings a little too true, it may be wise to consider a more “concrete” solution. At SOS, Dr. Harrison and the team will help you assess all of your options, including Invisalign and traditional braces. Get in touch at 901-853-9934 for the Collierville office, and 662-349-0777 in Southaven to review your options and schedule your consultation.